Friday, February 18, 2011

A day for "even more" Love

Some people snub at Valentine's Day. My husband being one of them. His mentality is "why should just this one Hallmark day mean I have to show you how much I love you?!?" I can see where he's coming from BUT it is nice to exchange a little something & make this day special. 

Holidays are different now that we have Jake. They are even more meaningful. 

I enjoy teaching him about holidays. Its fun for me. 

Jake is now 18 months old & is beginning to be more involved.

We invited a few close friends over to have a party by making homemade cards for our family.

Jake brought home many goodies from his friends @ school!

Growing up my mother started a tradition of giving my sister & I a new bathing suit for the summer for Valentine's Day. So, I have carried that tradition on in my family.

Jared was so thoughtful to get me flowers....

Grill us a yummo steak....

& my favorite gift, tickets to our church's Marriage Conference this month!