Wednesday, March 23, 2011

18 Month Well Check Up

Jake had his 18 month check up today. We had conflicts on scheduling so he actually is 19 months during his 18 month check up.

Jake is such a good toddler - except for the fits when he is told to come inside. The boy could literally live outside - typical boy I guess. 

He is so much more verbal & aware of his surroundings. I can ask him to do something for me & sometimes he does. 

He eats great & sleeps even better. He must get that from his mom. I was & still am a huge fan of naps. 

I love him more & more every single day. 

I am no longer mama to Jake, I am mommy. 

I took a few pictures of him on his 18 month check up day. 

Pediatrician Report
Jake is in the 75% for height - 33 1/2 inches
He is 25% in weight - 24 pounds
and is in the 50% for head circumference - 18 3/4 inches

We also are scheduling Jake to have tubes put in. He has battled on & off since he was born with ear infections. Instead of continuing antibiotics & not truly knowing if fluid is gone away the best for him is tubes. 

Happy 19 months Jacob Cole Clark!

Eating his 1st breakfast bar & loved it all!

He loves to wear a hat like daddy!

Loves any type of ball

He also enjoys playing with his laptop when we're waiting to see the doctor.

Boy does the child love a PB&J!