Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Growing Up

Just in the past few weeks, Jake has shown us new personalities & is taking on new beginnings.

One of my favorite gifts he was given before he was born is a plush super soft lamb chair. Its sat by his crib since he was born & not really given any attention to. We recently brought it downstairs by our couch to see how he would react to it now that he is older. He LOVES his lamb chair. He gives it hugs & kisses & even takes his books over to it for us to read to him in. 

Speaking of books, he loves for me & Jared to read him a book before bed. He picks one out & hands it to one of us. He favorite book is "Wide Awake Jake" - given to him by one of his great aunt's. 
I cherish this time with him & really enjoy seeing how sweet Jake is to Jared at night. I can tell he really misses Jared while he is away during the day at work. 

Moving on to exciting (I'm not sure some would say exciting) news! Jake is now walking! There for a while I was getting worried that the poor guy wasn't going to do it. 
I guess this just comes along with his personality of being laid back, easy going, & timid to try new things.

I can proudly say my sweet 15 month old is now walking! 

Way to go Jake!

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