Thursday, December 30, 2010


These last few weeks while school has been out during the holidays we have planned many playdates to keep ourselves busy. Jake gets bored real quick at home so we go out a lot. 

I'm so fortunate to have friends with kids the same age as Jake. 

We met Andrea, Knox, Keri & Sam @ The McWane Center to play & have lunch. 

We had fun!

We got a special treat when my good friend, Brooke Kitchell & her newest addition stopped by to visit while they were in town from Charleston for Christmas. Thorne is now 5 months old. 

It was SO good to see them. Brooke & I became very close friends back several years ago when we worked together @ Sprint Nextel. She is a very good friend who I miss dearly.

And yes...thoughts ran through my head getting baby fever while holding this bundle of joy!

One of my friends from back home that I'm so happy we keep in touch has been asking us to come for a playdate with her son Bryson who is 2 & her daughter Ansley Kate that is 4. We woke up early to head home to see them & boy was it a blast! Jake had so much fun! Katie in my book is the ultimate super mom! She is a special ed teacher @ Gadsden City & works full time. She always has the smartest parenting ideas. I learn a lot from her. She's amazing & beautiful on the inside & out. Katie was so sweet to host us at her home. She made all of us homemade chicken noodle soup. We will definitely be back again to play.

Oh yeah! We sang karaoke! Get it Katie! :-)

Ansley Kate had two of her cousins over & they put on a show for us! It was so much fun!

This next picture was the last time the boys played together @ Bryson's 1st birthday!

Here is now.....

Thank you Katie for having us & loving on my sweet Jake!

I think Jake enjoyed himself & Bryson!

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  1. Good times! The best of times! Glad you shared Mandi. Thanks!