Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mothers Day Out

Jake started a two day a week Mothers Day Out Program last September at Hunter Street Baptist Church.

At first I felt bad for dropping him off for a few hours to run errands but as he got into the program & I got to know the teachers and his classmates & I truly loved every minute of it, and so did Jake. 

I couldn't have ask for sweeter teachers for him. 

They taught him so much in just 8 months. 

Jake was the last in his class to walk but when he did we all applauded him. 

Ms. Mary and Ms. Kelly were wonderful to him & we will miss them terribly. 

Jake became friends with his classmates. He would try and say there names as we drove up and it was so cute. 

He learned so many things this year & I am so thankful for the time we had at Hunter Street!

Here is a picture of his first day of MDO

Here is a picture of his fall school picture!

Here is a picture of his Spring picture! He grew a lot!

And his last day of MDO

His teachers, Ms. Mary & Ms. Kelly!

Thank you Hunter Street for a great year! 

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  1. Mandi! I am obsessed with seeing little Jake updates... need some new posts Mama!!

    Love you!

    Oh, and FYI, you might want to update my blogs on your blogroll... they have changed a bit. (Shades of CHIC) (new one!)