Saturday, May 22, 2010

Picnic in the Park

Since the weather began warming up, my neighborhood began kicking off events. 
Picnic in the Park was today. I called my sister & Sam up & ask if she wanted to join Jake & I for a free lunch, carriage ride with horses & some good ol' fashion banjo music.

Sounds like a fun Saturday, huh? 

As Jake & I strolled around while waiting on them to arrive, from a distance I saw a couple that looked familiar. This man talking to the horse carriage owner sure looked like my step-dad.....wait a second....that's my mom! From all 150 + people around me, I screamed "MOM!?!?!" She looked over & said "Surprise!" They drove an hour or so to enjoy the park with us. 

What a fun surprise! 

Jake's 1st shoulder ride!!!! I think he likes it....

It was a 90 + degree weather day, but Picnic in that Park was thankfully set up in a nice shaded area surrounded by a beautiful creek. Once the babies got hot, Tony & Mike decided to take the boys for a dip. They really enjoyed it!

Proud Nonna & Nonk Nonk!

My beautiful mother & handsome son!

The Monroe's! Sam has just learned to wave & boy does he wave! It's the cutest thing! 

Sam & Jake LOVE there Nonk Nonk!

My "last minute" casual Saturday afternoon turned into a surprising family fun day! 

We missed you Jared! 

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