Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kindermusik Summer Camp

June began my 1st month without keeping my nephew, Sam. I put together a sentimental iMovie just for him. As I put the last touches on his movie I began to reflect back at all I set out to accomplish. I did it! I kept 2 new born babies ( 2 meaning Sam my nephew & Jake my son) all by myself for 10 months! It was bittersweet! I miss seeing Sam on a daily basis! Here is one of my favorite photo's of Sam & I.

So, June began a month just me & my baby! Wow! Just having one baby feels like a breeze - well not a breeze:-) 

I began to think of some fun activities Jake & I could do - just us!

Kindermusik was 1st on our list of "to do's"

There is no doubt that research shows music helps children become better learners.

Jake was able to develop language, motor, social, cognitive, emotional, and music skills. 

It was his 1st Summer Camp Activity to attend with mommy! We had a blast!
I quickly began to notice how independent my child is.....

Here are a few images of our week..

Already checkin' out the ladies....oh lordy!

Jake & William playing with ribbon. William is Jake's playgroup buddy. They will be attending MDO @ Hunter Street together this fall!

Below you might wonder why the babies have on there swimsuits?!? We sang songs about going to the pool so what better way to play the part, right? Behind Jake is Piper - daughter of Lindsay Gornto, a friend of mine

Ms. Jill blowing bubbles to the kiddos

Williams mommy, Bridget! Bridget actually only lives a few houses down from us, so its been nice having her close to have playdates! 

Jake having 1 on 1 time with Ms. Jill

The finale day of Kindermusik Camp ended with Jake playing side by side with Piper on a mega drum! They loved it! 

I couldn't resist a back shot of Piper's oh so cute outfit! 

Happy Kindermusik! We made great friends and will definitely be back this fall! 

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