Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thank you gift (Miami Style)

I had a plan. A plan to care for my son and nephew while my sister went back to work from maternity leave. One point of my plan was to keep my sister from paying that dreadful monthly check to daycare. That happened but she insisted on some sort of "thank you" once my time had come to an end. 

My "thank you" was a girls weekend trip to Miami Beach! 
Can Sam come back & stay with me:-)?!?! 

It's always nice knowing people in the right places. Cindy Hill Costa is not just "people", she is a friend that I grew up with in middle & high school & now lives in Coral Gables. 

One of my favorite things about a friendship is no matter the distance or time apart once your together it's like you never missed a beat.

My book of fun with girlfriends is sitting around watching old videos of one another and laughing so hard about silly things we did back in the day. We did that & MUCH MORE!

I must admit that once we landed all I could think about is what celebrity I might see....since LeBron James just announced he's playing for Miami Heat! 

Once we landed, Cindy had a weekend of fun planned out perfectly for us.

We started off Friday morning with brunch on the green of the historic Biltmore Hotel

After we finished up brunch, we quickly changed into our swimsuits, loaded up the cooler & hit the beach! 

Cindy has been in Miami now for 2 years so she knows the hot spots to hit. One of them being the hot spot for Lemonade! AC can make the perfect consistency of a lemonade. It was a refreshing drink after a hot afternoon on the beach.

We lucked up & ran into him! 

After beach time & lemonades we quickly changed into our night attire for salsa dancing lessons!

The next morning Cindy surprised us all with a private boat ride around South Beach!

Madonna's Miami Home...

J Lo & Mark Anthony's Miami pad....

P Diddy's land.....

A quick island stop to cool off....

A nice dinner...

Blue Bar

                                                    Sunset Lounge at Mondrian Miami Beach 

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  1. Did you all plan your dress colors? Cindy's dress has all the colors of your other dresses. I'm so glad you both went and I'm thankful you have great friends that still stick together.