Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meet 1/2 Way?

Anytime my mom calls & says "Let's meet for dinner!" its always Jim 'N Nick's in Trussville! 

This time my mom called, Jake & I had came from a Bridal Tea & stopped by to visit a friend - which meant Jake hadn't had his afternoon nap = VERY cranky!

I first spit out a "we can't make it this time" but once I spoke with my sister I quickly began to think it would all work out. I'm so glad I did because it was a treat to see my mom & an extra treat to see my step dad's mom, Granny. For me, it really was the first time she had been around both Jake & Sam with Keri & I together! So, I knew it would be fun! I swear there is just something magical about grandmothers & great grandmothers that they do with kids....I'm sure its all the years they mothered! 

My mom (Nonna) really just has that touch! She can make any child comfortable! 

Nonna & Sam

And she's super fun too!

Nonna relaxing Jake after not having his afternoon nap!

I always try & sneak in a picture of me & the Jake man!

Is it just me or is Jake turning a little summer blonde?

I don't think there's anything cuter than that smile!!!!

Is this not sweet or what?

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  1. I want Jake's tan! And, he is getting some summer blonde! Such a cutie